Wednesday, 3 December 2014

2015 - Year of the blue wood goat, sheep

Short horoscope.

The year of the blue wood goat or sheep will bring many changes in our lives. The year will be like an adventure, like a road, even more like a serpentine, you’ll never know what could hide after the next turn. It’s will be a time when you’ll need to take control and to realize what you truly want from this life. Dreaming and wasting time won’t help you reach your goals.

2015 – Will be also the year, when you’ll find something new about yourself, trying out new thing, will bring you not only experience, but also skills, that maybe later useful in your job and life. It will be a year when many of us will discover talents, which we could never imagine we had.

It will be a good year for traveling, many will reach destinations they dreamed of.

In the year of the blue goat, many lonely hearts may find their one true love, but they must ready to make a step forward and open their hearts for other people. In already existing relationships love will bloom again, many will fall in love in their other half again. But it will also be a time when truth will come out; everything what was hidden will turn

Tuesday, 2 December 2014

Some pictures from Chrysanthema Lahr 2014

Location: Lahr/Schwarzwald, Deutschland

Only now posting some photos, but we is said - better late than never. It was really a beautiful Fest, sadly I didn’t have time and weather wasn’t good to take photos from all the beautiful compositions. But I hope you’ll enjoy these 15 photos :)

Monday, 20 October 2014

Chrysanthema Lahr 2014

Location: Lahr/Schwarzwald, Deutschland

I can’t believe that time flies by so fast and again Lahr turns into beautiful flower field. Chrysanthema Lahr is the most beautiful Fest in Lahr, in Schwarzwald, maybe even in Baden Württemberg, at least for me it is. Don’t miss an opportunity, if you have one, to see this beauty with you own eyes, from 18. October until 09. November, come, and visit Chrysanthema Lahr 2014

Ich kann nicht glauben, dass Zeit so shnell läuft und verwandelt Lahr in einem Blumenfeld. Chrysanthema Lahr ist die schönste Fest im Lahr, im Schwarzwald, vielleicht auch im Baden Württemberg, mindestens für mich es ist. Verpass nicht deine Moglichkeit diese Schönheit mit deinen Augen zu sehen, von 18. Oktober biss 09. November, komm, und besuch Chrysanthema Lahr 2014

Tuesday, 8 April 2014

Exotische Eleganz

Location: Stadtpark, 77933 Lahr, Germany
Am 8. und 9. März nahm Orchideenschau "Exotische Eleganz" im Lahrer Stadtpark platz. Die Vielfalt der Orchideen war groß und jede Orchidee sah einzigartig aus. So machte ich nette Photos.

On March 8 and 9 an Orchid show "Exotische Eleganz" took place in Lahr Stadpark. The variety of flowers was great and every flower looked unique. So I took pretty pictures.

Thursday, 20 March 2014


Unter der Frühlingssonne
Blühen nicht nur Blumen.
Auch unsere Herzen und Seelen
Beginnen für ein Wunder zu öffnen.

Die Sonne scheint und alles blüht herum, was mehr man braucht um glücklich zu sein? Ich genieße diese Zeit, der Frühling ist wie ein frischer Atemzug, wie eine Inspiration. Das Leben geht weiter und der Frühling gibt die Kräfte alles zu überwinden.

Laura Dambite

Monday, 27 January 2014

Feeding swans at Rhine

Location: Schwanau, Germany
Sometimes when we’re going to France, we take some bread with us. Because we often stop by the Rhine to feed swans. They are always there, they are used to people and mostly approach every one with something in their hands. You can call them friendly, but sometimes they see no difference between slice of bread and your hand. 
So we did this time, visited them with bread and camera. This place is near Schwanau. The river - Rhein, itself is a border between Germany and France.
The weather was good, enjoyable, but I believe that it will grow colder. 

 My camera is not a slice of bread. :D

Random people on photos are random.

Some kind of ship floated by.

Monday, 9 December 2013

2014 Year – Year of the Blue Wood Horse

The new year of horse will bring a lot of emotions, events and changes in our life. Everyone will experience growth in this year, some – financial, professional, some – spiritual.

Speaking about changes, some will change their workplace, job, others their home town or even country. There also will be personal changes, some will marry or give birth in this year.

Year of the blue horse will bring luck for hardworking and active people, for them who are ready to devote their time and power to reach their aim, goal. They will be rewarded for their efforts.

It will be also a year, when everyone should stick to their plans, there will be a lot of troubles, obstacles and people on the way, trying to stop you or lead astray.

The year of the horse will be good for all type of traveling, excursions and adventures. You’ll be given opportunities to visit places you always wanted, so don’t ignore or waste them.

In 2014 year you’ll be forced to solve every problem that exists in your relationship or family, it will be your

Friday, 6 December 2013

Mercedes Benz Museum

Location: Mercedes-Benz Museum, Mercedesstraße 100, 70372 Stuttgart, Germany

From first time I heard about Mercedes Benz Museum in Stuttgart, I wanted to visit it. It’s for sure one of Stuttgart’s attractions, places, that you must visit and see, no matter of are you an auto fan or not. I believe, it will impress anyone.
It coasts 8,00 Euro for adults and 4,00 Euro for children.

For us it took about three hours to see everything in museum and make tons of photos, so I made a video for them, enjoy. :)

Thursday, 7 November 2013

Chrysanthema Lahr 2013 photos - Part 2

Location: Lahr, Germany

More chrysanthemums and compositions from them, weather wasn’t bad, but still sky remained cloudy. I hope that I took photos of the most compositions :)
I really like and enjoy Chrysanthema Lahr, it’s like suns light and warmth gathered in these flowers - chrysanthemums, something that you truly need in these cloudy and rainy days.

Mehr Kompositionen aus Chrysanthemen. Das Wetter war nicht so schlecht, aber der Himmel war bewölkt. Ich hoffe, dass ich fast alle Kompositionen fotografiert habe.

Ich wirklich mag und genieße Chrysanthema Lahr. Das ist wie das Licht und die Wärme der Sonne in die Blumen – Chrysanthemum eingesammelt ist. Das ist etwas, was du brauchst in diesen wolkigen und regnerischen Tagen.

14 Photos :)